EPIM fosters networking and peer learning between national and European NGOs, and supports their advocacy and policy work.

The value of networking and pan-European collaboration is central to EPIM, itself a collaborative initiative. Through its grants and capacity-building programme, EPIM encourages NGOs to network and partner across the EU in order to build effective coalitions for advocacy and to learn from the advocacy strategies and experiences in other countries. EPIM’s workshops in particular provide spaces for networking and strategic thinking. The EPIM Intranet also allows a virtual space for exchanging information, as do EPIM’s facebook and twitter presences. Networking through EPIM can foster vertical linkages between national and European NGOs to bring experiences from the grassroots level to the attention of European policy-makers.

C. Hein from Italian Refugee Council, and M. Schuster from an EPIM's partner FoundatUnderstanding the EU policy-making sphere is crucial for civil society organisations to engage with the EU agenda and legislative framework as it is negotiated in Brussels. To support the advocacy and policy work of civil society organisations working on issues that affect migrants in Europe, EPIM has commissioned the European Policy Centre, a Brussels-based think tank, to produce quarterly EPC Policy Updates. These focussed analyses provide information on a range of recent EU-level policy-making, legislation and jurisprudence relevant to EPIM’s three focus areas – (1) Asylum seekers; (2) Undocumented Migrants; and (3) Equality, integration and social Inclusion of vulnerable migrants.