Thematic Fund on the reform of the European asylum system

Reforming the European asylum system in all its dimensions is high on policy makers’ agenda. Debates on the Common European Asylum System, EU border management and external policies have increased civil society’s concerns about the impact of existing European policies and practices on access to protection and respect for fundamental rights.

This Thematic Fund aims to support civil society organisations to advise and strategically engage with policy makers in order to ensure that European and national asylum systems are humane, fair, effective and capable of offering protection to those in need.

EPIM currently supports the following interventions under this Thematic Fund:

  • Providing an evidence base and potential solutions from European experience on asylum.

EPIM has alogowarded another three-year grant (2016-2018) to the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) for them to sustain and further develop the Asylum Information Database (AIDA).

AIDA was established through an EPIM grant in 2012 and documents asylum systems across 23 countries. By doing so, AIDA aims to contribute to the improvement of asylum policies and practices in Europe by providing all relevant actors with appropriate tools and information to support their advocacy and litigation efforts, both at the national and European level.

  • Strengthening CSO advocacy approaches and leadership on asylum

EPIM supports the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) as a key organisation with leadership potential in the asylum sector with a two-year (2018-2019) project and core grant on “Strengthening civil society advocacy on refugee rights in Europe”. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of its Secretariat and its members to advise policy-makers by developing and proposing alternative policies and practices more strategically.