Sub-Fund on building inclusive European societies

With this Sub-Fund, EPIM aims to contribute to enhance community cohesion in diverse European societies so that it leads to collective and individual improvements of quality of life and social relationships of all members of the community (including migrants). To do so, the Sub-Fund aims to promote whole-of-community approaches to migrant inclusion as a tool to enhance community cohesion.

With a multi-level and bottom-up approach, EPIM aims to support civil society organisations at:

  • Practice level by empowering local communities (including migrants) to drive initiatives that foster migrant inclusion and community cohesion: EPIM will match the offer of existing responses to specific social challenges that have a proven/promising social impact, with the demand for solutions to similar challenges across Europe.
  • Policy level by supporting civil society in becoming critical actors in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of EU and national integration funds and policies: EPIM will provide grants and capacity development support to civil society organisations to support them in advising EU-led migrant inclusion funding and policies to be more efficient, coordinated, coherent and socially impactful.
  • Systemic level by increasing the evidence-base for criteria of effective interventions in the field of migrant inclusion to inform future EU, national and local public programming as well as decision-making of private funders: EPIM will support research towards the development of “soft”/qualitative indicators/criteria to support future civil society, government and funders’ interventions.