Moving Beyond Borders – Protect undocumented migrants on either side     of the European borders

Project partners: European Alternatives, European Network of Legal Experts, Fédération Internationale des Droits de l’Homme, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMNHR), Groupe de Recherche et d’Action sur les Migration en Afrique, Afrique Centrale-GRAMI AC, Progress Lawyers Network (PLN), Migreurop network members

In the following video from the EPIM workshop in June 2013, project coordinator Eva Ottavy gives an overview of the objectives, key activities and impact of the project:

The issue of borders and migration remains at the core of European debates, and those in eastern and southern neighbouring countries. While civil society to the south of the Mediterranean continues to express its thirst for freedom, in the north, European authorities are implementing not-so-transparent operations to intercept undocumented migrants along land and sea routes and detaining many of them in an increasingly systematic way in ever-bigger detention centres. On both sides of the borders, many migrants thus sink into situations of total destitution, and are at risk of being exploited. These people have an urgent need for effective protection.

Two campaigns have been developed within the Moving Beyond Borders project:

  1. The “Frontexit” campaign, which aims to inform a wide audience about the impacts of Frontex operations in terms of human rights, and to denounce these impacts to the political representatives who are directly involved.
  2. The “Open Access now” campaign, which focuses on visits by journalists and civil society groups to detention centres for migrants, in order to document and inform European citizens about the consequences of the policies implemented in their name.

The common objective of each campaign is to raise awareness about the reality of the migration policies at the EU’s borders and their impact on undocumented migrants. The activities include gathering information and  testimonies to share with elected representatives and media actors.

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