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Children on the run: Experiences of unaccompanied minors leaving shelters in Greece
Faros (December 2017)
legalseminar width= Defending migrants´ rights in the context of detention and deportation
PICUM (December 2017)
poolingfunds Pooling funds, pooling strengths: A case study of the European Programme for Integration and Migration
NEF (November 2017)
Tracing the channels refugees use to seek protection in Europe
MPI Europe (September 2017)
AIDA Briefing The Dublin system in the first half of 2017
ECRE (August 2017)
AIDA Briefing The concept of vulnerability in European asylum procedures
ECRE (August 2017)
AIDA Briefing The detention of asylum seekers in Europe. Constructed on shaky ground?
ECRE (June 2017)
AIDA Accelerated, prioritised and fast-track asylum procedures
ECRE (May 2017)
Asylum systems in 2016, Overview of developments from selected European countries
ECRE (March 2017)
The Dublin system in 2016, Key figures from selected European countries
ECRE (March 2017)
Refugee rights subsiding? Europe’s two-tier protection regime and its effect on the rights of beneficiaries
ECRE (March 2017)
Quality care conclusions and recommendations
(March 2017)
AIDA Country report Greece
ECRE (March 2017)
AIDA Country report Cyprus
ECRE (March 2017)
AIDA Country report Croatia
ECRE (March 2017)
AIDA Country report Netherlands
ECRE (March 2017)
AIDA Country report Ireland
ECRE (March 2017)
AIDA Country report Sweden
ECRE (March 2017)
AIDA Country report Germany
ECRE (March 2017)
AIDA Country report Italy
ECRE (February 2017)
AIDA Country report Spain
ECRE (February 2017)
AIDA Country report Malta
ECRE (February 2017)
AIDA Country report Poland
ECRE (February 2017)
AIDA Country report United Kingdom
ECRE (February 2017)
AIDA Country report Austria
ECRE (February 2017)
AIDA Country report Belgium
ECRE (February 2017)
AIDA Country report Switzerland
ECRE (January 2017)
AIDA Country report Serbia
ECRE (January 2017)
AIDA Country report France
ECRE (January 2017)
AIDA Country report Bulgaria
ECRE (January 2017)
AIDA Country report Hungary
ECRE (January 2017)
Balkan route reversed. The return of the asylum seekers to Croatia under the Dublin system
ECRE (December 2016)
Promoting and establishing alternatives to immigration detention in Cyprus
Future Worlds Center (November 2016)
Free to go: Detention as a last resort
Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (October 2016)
Unravelling travelling. Travel documents for beneficiaries of international protection
ECRE (October 2016)
Handbook on the right of immigration detainees to be heard
Foundation for Access to Rights (October 2016)
Forgotten. Administratively detained irregular migrants and asylum seekers
Aitima (October 2016)
The length of asylum procedures in Europe ECRE (October 2016)
Who gets detained?
Centre for Legal Aid- Voice in Bulgaria (September 2016)
Admissibility, responsibility and safety in European asylum procedures
ECRE (September 2016)
Asylum on the Clock? Duration and review of international protection status in Europe – AIDA Legal Briefing
ECRE (June 2016) 
Monitoring Immigration Detention – Third quarterly report
Aitima (June 2016)
With Greece: Recommandations for refugee protection
ECRE-AIRE (June 2016)


Wrong counts and closing doors: The reception of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe – AIDA
ECRE (March 2016) 
Evaluation of EPIM III: 2012-2015
RAND Europe (April 2016)
Monitoring Immigration Detention – Second quarterly report
Aitima (March 2016)


NGO monitoring of immigration detention: Tips, examples and positive practices International Detention Coalition (January 2016)
Europe is at war against an imaginary enemy – Frontexit
Migreurop (2015)
Detriment of the Doubt: Age Assessment of Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children – AIDA Legal Briefing
ECRE (December 2015)
Monitoring Immigration Detention – First quarterly report
Aitima (December 2015)


The Legality of Examining Asylum Claims in Detention from the Perspective of Procedural Rights and their Effectiveness – AIDA Legal Briefing
ECRE (October 2015) 
A Manual on Providing Early Legal Advice to Persons Seeking Protection
Irish Refugee Council (November 2015)
Toolkit on drafting successful applications for EU funding
EPIM (October 2015)


“Safe countries of origin”: A safe concept? – AIDA Legal Briefing
ECRE (September 2015) 
Common asylum system at a turning point – AIDA Annual Report 2014/2015
ECRE (September 2015)
Asylum Statistics in the European Union: A Need for Numbers – AIDA Legal Briefing
ECRE (August 2015)


Access to healthcare for people facing multiple health vulnerabilities in 26 cities across 11 countries
Médecins du Monde (May 2015) 
The Legality of Detention of Asylum Seekers under the Dublin III Regulation
ECRE (June 2015)
Position Paper on EU Return Directive
PICUM (April 2015)
Protecting undocumented children – Promising policies and practices from governments
PICUM (March 2015) 
The hidden face of immigration detention camps in Europe – Open Access Now
Migreurop (2014)
EPCUpdate Unprotected – Migrant workers in an irregular situation in Central Europe
Association for Legal Intervention (December 2014)
EPCUpdate Fiscal Impact of EU Migrants
European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) (November 2014)


EPCUpdate Evaluation of EPIM III – Year 1
RAND Europe (August 2014) 
EPCUpdate Acces to Protection – Bridges not Walls
Italian Council for Refugees (CIR) (October 2014)


IRCreport Providing Protection – Access to early legal advice for asylum seekers
Irish Refugee Council (June 2014) 
Mind the Gap – AIDA Annual Report 2013/14
European Council on Refugees and Exiles – ECRE (September 2014)
PICUM Terminology Leaflet
PICUM (May 2014) 
Telling our stories: communicating migration
EPIM (June 2014)
EPCUpdate Frontexit – Between Greece and Turkey: At the border of denial
Migreurop (May 2014)
Bilan: The mandate of Frontex is incompatible with human rights- Frontexit
Migreurop (May 2014)
MdM-report Access to healthcare for the most vulnerable in a Europe in social crisis – Focus on pregnant women and children
Médecins du Monde (May 2014)


CIRPubAccess to Protection: a human right Italian Council for Refugees (October 2013) 


ecrerepAIDA Annual Report – Not There YET European Council on Refugees and Exiles (September 2013) 


Access to Healthcare in Europe           Médecins du Monde (April 2013) 

EPIM 2008-2011

Pub_PICUMThe Silent Humanitarian Crisis in Greece                   PICUM (March 2013)
Advocacy paper on access to health care Médecins du Monde (2012)
Migrant Women’s Access to Labour Market               European Network of Migrant Women / Europen Women’s Lobby (2012)
Working on Integration at a Local Level: Toolkit
ENAR (2011)
What is at Stake for Migrant Women? European Network of Migrant Women /EWL (2012)
Integration a two way process?
Centre for European Policy Studies (2011)


Pathway to parental leadership                         Immigrant Council of Ireland (2011)
The Invisible Borders: Destitution of Migrants in Europe – Report from the JRS Europe ANDES Conference Jesuit Refugee Service (2011)
New Persian Letters (Italian) – Francesca Spinelli                  COSPE (2011)
Preventing Undocumented Women and Children from Accessing Healthcare
PICUM (2011)
Islamophobia and Progressive Values
Institute of Race Relations (2011)
Access to Healthcare and Living Conditions of Asylum Seekers and Undocumented Migrants in Cyprus, Malta, Poland and Romania
HUMA (2011)
Don’t wait for the media to notice you! A small guide to new technologies (not exclusively) for migrant organisations
People In Need (2011)
Are undocumented migrants and asylum seekers entitled to access health care in the EU? A comparitive overview in 16 countries
HUMA Network (2010)
New immigrants in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Legal Info Centre for Human Rights (2010)
European borders: Controls, detention & deportations
Migreurop (2010)
An Approach to Undocumented Migrants in Greece- Focusing on Undocumented Afghans
Greek Council for Refugees (2010)
Alternative Voices on Integration in Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK
Institute of Race Relations (2010)
Living in Limbo: Forced Migrant Destitution in Europe
Jesuit Refugee Service – Europe (2010)
Towards a European Network of Guardianship Institutions
Stichting Nidos (2010)
La Ruta Prometida
Fundación CEPAIM (2009)
Atlas des Migrants en Europe: Géographie Critique des Politiques Migratoires
Migreurop (2009)
ENGI 2009 Guardianship in Europe: Representation of unaccompanied minors – Conclusions and Recommendations
ENGI (2009)
Access to Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants in 11 European countries
Médecins du Monde European Observatory on Access to Healthcare (2009)
PICUM’s Main Concerns about the Fundamental Rights of Undocumented Migrants in Europe 2009
PICUM (2009)
Europe’s Murderous Borders
Migreurop (2009)
Access to Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants and Asylum Seekers in 10 EU Countries: Law and Practice
HUMA Network (2009)
Guide to Locating Migration Policies in the European Commission (2nd ed)
Migration Policy Group (2008)