Italian Council for Refugees (Consiglio Italiano per i Rifugiati)


Project: Access to Protection: a human right

Project partners: Hungarian Helsinki Committee, The People for Change Foundation, Greek Refugee Council, Pro Asyl, Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado, Portuguese Council for Refugees

In the following video from the EPIM workshop in June 2013, project coordinator Christopher Hein gives an overview of the objectives, key activities and impact of the project:

The overall objective of the Access to Protection: a human right project is to bring national and EU policies and practices in line with the obligations set out by the European instruments on Human Rights and in particular by the Strasbourg Court in the Hirsi case, as far as the access to the territory and to protection is concerned.

The core activities include:

    • Collection and analysis of legislation and practices in partner countries (Italy, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Spain and Portugal) regarding border controls and access to asylum procedures at the border, and the publication of findings and recommendations;
    • Research on the compatibility of EU instruments, policies, practices and monitoring mechanisms with human rights and refugee law obligations, and the publication of a European Report including results, policy proposals and recommendations;
    • Communication of findings and recommendations to relevant stakeholders, media and policy-makers at national and European levels.

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