ENoMW – European Network of Migrant Women

 Promoting the Empowerment of Migrant Women in the European Union

Project partners: ENoMW members  in Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, France and Portugal

The European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW) promotes equal treatment, equal rights and better integration for migrant women in Europe. As a membership organisation, ENoMW comprises national platforms in 16 European countries.

In the following video from the EPIM workshop in June 2013, ENoMW Chair Nusha Yonkova, Project Coordinator Lara Natale and Treasurer Modi Ntambwe give an overview of the objectives, key activities and impact of the project:

The ENoMW has the distinction of being a migrant-led organisation with an expert understanding of the intersecting inequalities of being migrants and women. The two main objectives of the EPIM grant are to establish the ENoMW as a proactive and visible political stakeholder at the EU policy level and to develop advocacy strategies for the integration and social inclusion of migrant women to be included in the legal framework of the EU.

The network intends to provide regular input in all areas of EU policy development and implementation that have an impact on migrant women’s lives. This means helping to shape social policies and design action programmes addressing migrant women’s specific needs, by lobbying for and with migrant women at the European level  and supporting migrant women’s national organisations and movements through information and trainings.

The ENoMW is currently focusing on the issue of employment of migrant women: deskilling prevention, qualification recognition and migrant women entrepreneurship. These issues are dealt with in working groups with the aim to deliver national advocacy in these fields.

Contact:     Rue Hydraulique 18,

1210 Brussels , Belgium

Phone : +32 (0)22179020