Associated Sub-Fund Addressing the Humanitarian Emergency in the Mediterranean and Western Balkans

Supported by Open Society Foundations, EPIM created the Associated Sub-Fund on Addressing the Humanitarian Emergency in the Mediterranean and Western Balkans. Through this Sub-Fund, EPIM provides direct capacity development support to a limited number of civil society organisations attending the humanitarian needs of refugees and migrants in Greece, Italy and other countries in the Mediterranean and Western Balkan regions.

With this Sub-Fund, EPIM aims to support local humanitarian organisations that have a potential to grow, develop and provide long term assistance to refugees and migrants. EPIM supports them in their capacities to enhance the scale and the quality of their work but also their ability to (re)act in the event of more significant migrant arrivals.

While many of these organisations are emerging, often volunteer-based, and lacking dedicated grant-writing capacity, they are recognized by their peers, their beneficiaries and other external stakeholders for the quality of their work and their in-depth knowledge of the realities on the ground.

In 2017, EPIM awarded capacity development support grants to 7 civil society organisations in 5 countries:

Additionally, EPIM awarded donations to 4 civil society organisations, including migrant-led organisations, in Greece and Italy, namely:

  • Alharaz, Italy
  • Synyparxi (Coexistence), Greece
  • UNIS – Union des Ivoiriens de Sicile, Italy
  • Zaatar, Greece

* While seeking to support actors that are strongly inspired by human solidarity, EPIM respects the “do-no-harm” principle in the provision of humanitarian aid and equally values a deliberate desire to meet recognised quality standards in humanitarian assistance.