Achievements of the Collaboration

Set up in 2005, EPIM was a reaction to a shift of competences in the area of migration and integration policies from the national to the EU level. Back then and until today, EPIM Partner Foundations believe there is a pressing need for independent funding for EU-level advocacy and transnational European networking to influence the debate and nature of EU-level cooperation on migration and integration.

EPIM PDF thumbnail - largeOver a ten-year timeframe, EPIM has grown and professionalised in a continuous process of strategic learning through:

  • the completion of 3 phases of funding (2005-2007, 2008-2011, 2012-2015);
  • the involvement of 20 European Foundations;
  • the allocation of 7.2 million Euros contributed to the pooled fund;
  • 55 grants awarded to projects led by civil society organisations.

With its fourth phase of funding (2016-2018), EPIM advances into a more flexible platform, providing the structure for funders to collaborate in order to support work on issues of concern, urgency and opportunity in the area of migration and integration in Europe.

Participating in EPIM enables foundations to increase their effectiveness by:

  • Addressing integration needs of immigrants which are multi-dimensional and multi-layered;
  • Tackling the European dimension of migration and integration issues;
  • Sharing information on European policies and advocacy hooks among partners;
  • Bridging gaps in services and provision that no one single organisation could fill;
  • Empowering stakeholders and building strategic and operative capacity;
  • Stimulating peer learning through sharing of expertise and experience;
  • Promoting understanding of different organisational cultures and objectives.

For more than ten years, EPIM has provided opportunities to build cooperation between foundations active in this field and to give much greater European-wide visibility to their contribution.

This unique grant-making and capacity-building programme is always open to welcoming other funders joining EPIM.