The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) is a collaborative funding initiative of grant-making foundations, hosted in the Network of European Foundations (NEF). The Partner Foundations play key roles within the structure of governance:

  • Steering Committee: The Steering Committee represents all EPIM Partner Foundations. Dedicated representatives of foundations who act as Steering Committee members ensure the link between EPIM and the foundations’ ambitions.The Steering Committee operates as a Board that adopts strategic decisions in meetings twice a year, approves annual budget allocations and guides the Secretariat’s work.
  • Executive Committee: The EPIM Executive Committee is a sounding board to the EPIM Secretariat and is mandated by the Steering Committee to take decision on day-to-day programme matters.
  • Thematic Fund Committees: Thematic Fund Committees operate as the governing bodies of the thematic funds and as such, oversee the strategy and implementation of the thematic funds. The Steering Committee delegates decision-making on the thematic fund development and implementation to the Thematic Fund Committee.
  • The EPIM Chair acts as the representative of the Steering Committee and leads the implementation of the activities following the Steering Committee strategy, whilst co-operating closely with the EPIM Secretariat. The current Chair of EPIM is Sahar Yadegari from the Adessium Foundation.