EPIM is a collaborative re-granting programme strengthening grantees through capacity building and networking. For this reason, the Partner Foundations play key roles within the structure of governance.

  • Steering Committee: the representative of each foundation meet on a bi-annual basis;
  • Executive Committee: the EPIM Chair, the Deputy Chair and another member from the Steering Committee liaise with and instruct the Secretariat on a monthly basis;
  • Working Groups: they are set up on the basis of a specific task that needs to be completed within a given temporal framework. They are co-ordinated by the EPIM Secretariat under the supervision of the Executive and Steering Committees.

Dr. Stefan Schaefers, EPIM Chair

The EPIM Chair acts as the representative of the Steering Committee and leads the implementation of the activities following the Steering Committee strategy, whilst co-operating closely with the EPIM Secretariat. The current Chair of EPIM is Dr. Stefan Schaefers from the King Baudouin Foundation.