EPIM’s Mission

EPIM supports and strengthens Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) active on migration and integration issues at the European level in order to:

  • Uphold and defend the European commitment to Universal Human Rights and social justice, to ensure the dignity of all people in the European Union;
  • Promote gender-sensitive, inclusive and pragmatic approaches to European and national policies on migration and integration;
  • Influence EU policies and their national implementation in areas defined in EPIM’s sub-funds.

Strengthening the advocacy capacities of CSOs at a European level is a key goal for EPIM which aims to facilitate civil society in its role as a counterbalance to official institutions through:

  • Enabling national CSOs to bring their knowledge and best practices to the EU level;
  • Encouraging national CSOs to partner across the EU in order to build effective coalitions for advocacy and to learn from each other;
  • Assisting pan-European CSOs or projects to take advantage of national experiences to seek out and develop European solutions to core challenges.

EPIM believes that it is the productive interplay between civil society, represented here by CSO projects, and the official institutions, that will bring the most positive results possible.