The October 2017 edition of the Policy Update is now available

The October 2017 edition of the EPIM Policy Update, prepared for organisations interested in European policy developments in the areas of migration and integration, is now available online.

EPIM has commissioned the European Policy Centre (EPC), a Brussels-based think tank, to produce regular Policy Updates.

EPIM’s Policy Update addresses topics relevant to EPIM’s current sub-funds: (1) Immigration detention; (2) Reforms of the European asylum system; (3) Children and youth on the move, and (4) Mobile EU citizens’ access to rights.

This edition’s special focus looks at the relocation scheme and more specifically at the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on the actions of Hungary and Slovakia who voted against the adoption of the mandatory relocation scheme and brought the issue before the ECJ with the aim of having the relocation scheme annulled. As it stands now, the relocation programme, which ran up to 26 September, has seen less than 30,000 individuals relocated in two years. It is to be expected that there will not be a renewal of the scheme that was previously in place. Rather, discussions on how to organize relocation will likely be continued in the context of the reform of the CEAS.

Other key highlights of this Policy Update include:

  • The progress of the EU cooperation with third countries;
  • The mid-term review of the Agenda on Migration and the update of the Schengen Border Code;
  • A closer look from FEANTSA on homelessness among EU citizens living in the UK;
  • Relevant reports such as the Council of Europe’s report on the situation in the Greek hotspots;
  • Funding opportunities and facts and figures.
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