Initiative for Children in Migration

This project led by Missing Children Europe together with PICUM, Terre des Hommes, ECRE, Child Circle, EPCAT, Eurochild and SOS Children’s Villages will align migration/asylum and child protection advocacy actors from European and national levels around shared policy recommendations and advocacy opportunities on:

  • the goals and implementation of a comprehensive EU policy on children in migration, enhancing respect of all children in migration and ensuring that child protection plays a central role in EU responses, alongside asylum and immigration;
  • identified issues of concern to migrant children to be addressed by EU and national policies, including quality care and alternatives to detention, children and the EU asylum legislation reform, cross border cooperation, including in relation to missing children, trafficked children and Dublin procedures, and durable solutions and procedural safeguards.

The project will inject crucial and necessary resources into existing informal collaboration among NGOs and IGOs at EU level who have been deeply involved in advocacy work around law and policy concerning children in migration for several years. By developing a common portfolio of EU advocacy papers, meetings and webinars, collating existing expertise, projects and activities, organisations will be more proactive, strategic and impactful.

The project will also allow for national activities in target countries, including the focus countries of EPIM’s sub-fund “Never Alone –Building our future with children and youth arriving in Europe”, to support the grantee organisations’ advocacy goals.

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