Pilot sub-fund on immigration detention 2015-2016

A pilot phase of the sub-fund on immigration detention was launched in 2015 and supported nine civil society projects in the focus countries Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece for an initial project phase of 12 months (September 2015-August 2016). The pilot sub-fund aimed for civil society to seize opportunities to advocate for:

  • Reducing the use of detention to a tool of last resort only: Improve court control and judicial oversight of the detention process and/or use targeted strategic litigation at the national level, as means of reducing its use;
  • Increasing transparency and accountability: Improve monitoring and accountability of detention practice, in particular through improving access to detention facilities for NGOs and documenting practices;
  • Promoting alternatives to detention: Implement training and campaigning activities that promote alternatives to detention. Particularly, raise awareness about the detention of children and advocate for alternatives.
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