Communicating on migration in a changing environment

A significant increase in public interest in migration has meant that demands on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have increased dramatically over the past years, including requests and contacts with the media as well as direct contact with the general public through social media. At the same time, funding for the communications work of CSOs and their capacity to meet these challenges has not kept pace. Migration is now generally recognised as one of the most complex and significant matters within the European Union. Many, especially smaller CSOs, are challenged in their daily and strategic communications work next to the other important work that they provide.

Pilot Project with Joint Strategic Communications Advisor

EPIM selected through an open call for participation five CSOs working at pan-European level who have the interest, ability and intent to build their communication capacities and explore ways of reaching out to the broader public on migration issues. The selected CSOs include

The five organisations work closely with a dedicated Strategic Communications Advisor to strengthen and develop their communications capacity.

The aim of this collaboration is to:

  • identify and pilot new ways of being part of an increasingly fast-paced migration debate and expanding the audience reached by CSOs;
  • strengthen communication capacities and enable CSOs to make communications an integral part of their overall strategy and their day-to-day activity by: developing their skills in strategic communications helping them to respond to current and/or immediate communications challenges, and conducting joint activities to share experiences and practical information;
  • work towards a more balanced perception of migrants that would support advocacy efforts, migrants’ well-being and NGO staff’s work in the field.