Migration Policy Group – EU Immigration Portal launched!

The Portal, developed and managed by Unisys, the Migration Policy Group and Bilbomática is now live at: http://ec.europa.eu/immigration/

What is the EU Immigration Portal?
The Immigration Portal has been built to serve as a first online point of entry to reliable, practical and up-to-date information on national and EU immigration issues. It contains information in English and French covering the following areas:

1. Admission of non-EU citizens to an EU country
2. Risks and rights of an irregular stay
3. EU and national immigration policies and law
4. Stakeholder Directory

What does the EU Immigration Portal provide?
The Portal provides useful basic information on migration to the EU written in user-friendly language and gives rapid and direct access to relevant external websites for further details.

The Portal aims to help prospective migrants to:

  1. Get direct and rapid access to practical information
  2. Find their way in the complex world of European admission rules and procedures
  3. Identify job and study opportunities
  4. Find information on the rights of non-EU citizens who are in the EU
  5. Find out how the EU protects victims of trafficking
  6. Be informed on the risks of entering and staying in the EU without authorisation
  7. Be rapidly informed on specific immigration issues
  8. Benefit from a vast stakeholder directory

Who is it for?
The Portal is addressed to prospective migrants looking for information on migration to the European Union, as well as:

  1. Immigrant intermediary organisations
  2. Immigration authorities
  3. Immigration law experts
  4. Employment services
  5. National authorities
  6. Civil society
  7. The public at large

The Migration Policy Group worked with the European Commission on the design and development of the Portal over a period of three years. They organised stakeholder consultations, designed the information format, gathered all information and presented national immigration law in a comparable way, working closely with MPG’s network of immigration law practitioners.

For more information about the development of the Portal, click here

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